Evangelion x Tamagotchi  Nano 

Nano means small this is a cute little compact tamagotchi model


The shipping rate is skewed for buying two units contact me before ordering to adjust for you if it looks too high


THIS IS A JAPANESE LANGUAGE DEVICE- They are in Japanese  but We offer tech support for all your learning needs!! Just email us! There are thousands of Japanese Tamagotchi fans and in our experience not many know Japanese, but the fun and cuteness surpass any language barrier - The nano also have very little text as they are simple

*^~^* INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS - You may notice our shipping rates are high, but that is price we have to pay sadly...but there is a silver lining..We have never had any of our international friends receive any extra "Surprise fees or tariffs" upon arrival

Evangelion x Tamagotchi Nano

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