Irda infrared Transfer Device for Tamagotchi P's -




Important to buyers outside US - All models from here on out MAY be shipped with Standard US 2 Prong Electrical Wall Plug Style Charger - You may need a converter depending on your country - USB chargers no longer available

ALL CURRENT PATCHES INLCLUDED UNTIL SHIP DATE!! If a new item comes out, it will be put on as long as it comes out before we ship to you

Made To Order -Can take up to 1-3 Weeks to Complete and SHIP to you - If you got ALL FILES EXPECT THE FULL WAIT as there is a lot of wait time to allow transferrance of files

Comes fully loaded with tons of current available tama downloads that are publicly available for free. Including those by Mr.Blinky

All devices are tested to function with all of these features:

• Ps English patch- turn your P's to English
• Game Cheats
• EZ Gotchi 9999 points
• EZ Gotchi IDL 9999 points/coins
• Over 75 games from iD , IDL and P's all playable on P's!!!!!
• Hundreds of Downloadable items, food, clothing, accessories, wallpapers, destinations for P's and IDL functioning to transfer items to P's or IDL

No more fooling around with crappy donggles !

We've taken all the stress out of turning your P's Menus to English and getting tons of extra transferable content! For the non-tech savvy or for people who just do not have time or equipment to figure this process out on their own, we have done it for you !

Unlike donggles that need a compatible computer, you can add this device to your tamagotchi arsenal and take it everywhere with you! Tamas can't fit all the content so you have to add and delete items when your Tama gets full - it's like unlimited shopping !

Made to Order - Choose up to 5 rhinestone colors or a theme and leave it to us within 1 hour of ordering or you will be given random colors -these are refurbed imperfect devices and we will not add option to not have rhinestones - they come standard and we will not leave them off
All devices are thoroughly tested to function with all of the features listed below but cosmetically are NOT PERFECT!! May have dents, dings, screennicks, pixel splotches or other imperfections... They still function perfectly for your needs

IRDA Tamagotchi Infrared Sending Device

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