Tamagotchi MEETS Sweets Version




New Character and new baby , toddler and teen options!!!


WE WILL OFFER DOWNLOADS AGAIN, but sadly we have to add a fee as we were working on them for weeks and weeks and we can no longer offer that time at no charge - They will be $2.05 per season-ONLY 1 SEASON fits PER Meets - Seasons available for this release are a Choice of WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER OR FALL-They have 8 wallpaper, 1 game and 1 Location each


CHOOSE PROPER DL (downloads) option when adding to cart , then leave note your Desired Season(s) name (s) and bday(s) if getting set and which color you want which season on (for sets)



THE MEETS IS SIMILAR TO THE MIX, But there are alot of new and exciting things too!!!!! Connect through Infrared - -You can connect to other Meets and connect to Mix!! Use App to connect with people around the world!! You can meet in the app and marry one of your friend's characters from a whole different part of the world !TWINS!!!!!! - In the Meets it is a possibility once married, that you can obtain TWINS!!!!! And they can be identical or fraternal..one may take fathers traits and one mother's or both same!! It is thought that getting twins will be a rare occasion, just like in real life!!!!PETS!!!!!! - We have not seen pets in a Tamagotchi color release since the P's!!!! And guess what???!!! The pets can breed with other pets and ALSO share generational traits, just like the tama characters can!!!! 1,200 pet possibilties!!NEW CHARACTERS!!!! Similar to Mix Concept!! Children inherit traits from parent and previous generation as you may have guessed from above!!Millions of Possible character combinations !!**NOTE - COLORS MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN APPEAR ON SCREEN***JAPANESE LANGUAGE - They are in Japanese but We offer tech support for all your learning needs!! Just email us! There are thousands of Japanese Tamagotchi fans and in our experience not many know Japanese, but the fun and cuteness surpass any language barrier*^~^*ORDER FROM A US SELLER WITH ALOT OF EXPERIENCE IN JAPANESE TAMAGOTCHI AND OFFERING NEW RELEASES *^~^*IMPORTANT INFO PLEASE READ!!!!!!PURCHASES FINAL!!!! IF THE MEETS WORKS OUT OF THE BOX - WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES!!!! Contact us within 24 hours of receiving Meets if there is a problem!!! After 25 hours we cannot determine what may have happened -++NOTE - People have reported glitches with Meets including but not limited to random resetting and losing your progress We have run up to 6 meets up to 18 generations and have experienced no negative side effects - That said, this is a known manufacturers issue and not included as defect for any warranty when buying from us - I think since the Fantasy , the glitches have become less frequent -Hopefully it is fixed by SWEETS*^~^* INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS - You may notice our shipping rates are high, but that is price we have to pay sadly...but there is a silver lining..We have never had any of our international friends receive any extra "Surprise fees or tariffs" upon arrivalINTERNATIONAL BUYERS!! CONTACT US FOR SHIP CODE!!! ONE (1) TAMA should be $15.95 - TWO -SIX (2-6) Tamas $24.95 USD, please contact us before buying** NOT VALID FOR REFUND, MUST CONTACT US BEFORE BUYING!!CANADA BUYERS!! CONTACT US FOR SHIP CODE!! ONE (1) TAMA should be $11.95 - TWO (2) Tamas $18.95 USD, please contact us before buying** NOT VALID FOR REFUND, MUST CONTACT US BEFORE BUYING!!WHEN WILL MY TAMA SHIP?We will receive tamas at our warehouse in the US from Japan around 4-7 business days after release and then begin our waves of outgoing shipments to end buyers.DOWNLOADS CAUSE DELAY! If you got downloads, your shipment will not go out until all the non-download orders are shippedPLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US REGARDING WHEREABOUTS OF YOUR PRE-ORDER BEFORE THE 2 (TWO) WEEK MARK AFTER Japan Release Date!!! We are not in Japan, we are in US, we will not ship on their Japan release date as they take a few days to get to us - Release time is extremely busy, we will not be able to ship as fast if we are inundated with questions regarding when item will be shipped - If it is 2 weeks after the release date and you have not gotten a tracking (which would be a super rare case) then feel free to contact usTHIS IS A CONFIRMED PREORDER!!!!!! AFTER YOU SUBMIT PAYMENT THERE ARE NO CANCELLATIONS , COLOR CHANGES OR REFUNDS!!!WHEN YOU SUBMIT CART, YOU ARE AGREEING TO CONTINUE ON WITH ORDER.....MAKE SURE YOU WANT THE ITEM AND AT THIS PRICE , REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER PRICES YOU MAY SEE ELSEWHERE BEFORE RELEASE .....IT GREATLY AFFECTS A SMALL BUSINESS WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO CANCEL. IT IS BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO RESEARCH ALL OPTIONS BEFORE BUYING *^~^*

Tamagotchi Meets SWEETS Ver.

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