We have a few new Tamagotchi P's BACK IN !!!! 


Boxes do have some damage, please message us to see pics of the particular box damage per your color choice

NOW in FULL ENGLISH for all built-in P's menus and text!!!!

New(Vintage Stock) in Box P's are getting harder to find due to not being manufactured since 2012 and recent rise in popularity
It comes down to Basic Economics, Supply and Demand, No New Supply, Lots of New Demand!!

Scoop one up now before the prices rise even more!! 

Boxes have been opened to install!!! Before the Patch is added, a screen protector is applied to keep your baby safe as possible!!


BATTERIES HAVE BEEN REMOVED - As you will note, BOXES HAVE DAMAGE! This is why we should always remove batteries if you plan to keep your electronics NIB, because they can corrode and seep through plastic shell insert and cause the type of box damage you will see here!!!!
For collectors that display box, they are still in the majority , displayable condition - The damages are on top or bottom , if you have on a shelf you can slightly stage anoter item in front of corner box damage and top damage, you can cover with some white out (marker mark)

One of The Most Popular Series of Tamagotchi Virtual Kids -

P's-So many ways to have fun and raise your own Tamagotchi

Removeable Interchangeable Deco Pierce's, Charm Strap Spot, Play with Friends, and so much more

Has all 4 english patches


Also, be sure to check out the iRDA devices! They make a great companion to the P's! Hundreds of fun files like wallpapers, games, clothing, custom items, etc. If you want to get an iRDA device along with your P's we have a special discount for you for 10% off of your order, message us BEFORE Purchasing for the code **only valid when buying both* Adding an iRDA Will delay shipping up to 3 weeks as they will ship together!!!!!


**Vintage NEW Product Note Regarding BOX CONDITION** P's are new but manufactured in 2012---This sometimes results in packaging not being perfect - Some boxes have been dented, torn, wrinkled, written on or other wise have signs of aging. If you are concerned of what shape your box will be in , please message us before

Tamagotchi P's *NEW*